What to Expect During Your Stay at RCW

Treatment at the Recovery Center for Women is comprised of four distinct levels that are necessary to ensure a long lasting recovery in the future for our patients. Level I is the professional medical detoxification of the patient, so her mind and body are free from chemical dependency and are ready to begin with the actual treatment. Level II includes the various treatment programs and specialized treatment therapies based on each individual woman's needs. Level III consists of therapeutic interventions at specified locations to connect with your spiritual inner-self through nature while in a peaceful, soothing environment. Level IV adds services that allow some patients to relax while developing self-esteem and utilizing all of the tools and coping skills they have begun to nourish.

Level I

Patients traveling long distances will be taken from the airport to our facility in Palm Beach County. Upon arrival and check-in, our medical staff will conduct a thorough physical evaluation and administer compassionate and sensitive professional detox. The detoxification process will be managed by experienced and knowledgeable addiction care specialists who will take every available measure to mitigate the pains of your withdrawal period. They will ascertain what, if any, medications can be used to alleviate discomfort, and provide round-the-clock care. During this time, our patients are on a seven-day phone black out for their own safety. Our detox specialists are equipped to handle any emergencies, and put patients' comfort among their highest priorities. Detoxification, in most cases, is successfully completed in a matter of days.

Level II

The next step will be analysis by an expert behavioral health professional, where patients can explore the origins of their disorder, and develop coping and resistance methods to combat triggering circumstances in everyday life. Our professionals know that recovery is a battle that is fought every minute of every day, and that residential treatment is only the beginning. At this level, patients begin acquiring phone time and begin exploring the triggers that have led to their addiction through psycho educational groups, process groups, Acupuncture, Art Therapy and Expressive Writing Therapy.

Level III

At this level, we work to strengthen patient confidence and foster post-treatment independence. In addition to quality psychiatric treatment, patients will have the benefit of numerous alternative programs such as our Art, Fitness, Seasonal Equine-Assisted Therapy, and Nature Therapy options.

In between treatment sessions, patients will stay at our clean, comfortable and inviting residences in Palm Beach County. These fully appointed units have separate kitchens and ample living space to help women get re-acclimated to living on their own in recovery. Patients will have the chance to acquire life skills to facilitate post-treatment independence outside of clinical therapy. At this level, patients' phone time is increased and they are eligible for gym time on designated days. Our patients are also eligible for two-hour weekend passes with family which is subject to the therapist’s approval.

Level IV

This level consists of all the amenities and therapies that Level III consists of with the following added services:

  • Four-hour weekend passes with family which is subject to the therapist’s approval

  • 30 minutes of phone time 3 days per week

  • Opportunity to conduct peer-led groups