Individualized Rehab Treatment Blends In-Depth Personal Attention and Customized Therapy

No two addictions are identical and each of the women who chooses to join our program comes with unique needs. In order to meet these needs, we conduct an intensive evaluation process utilizing bio-psycho-social evaluations, personal interviews and psychometric measures to gain the most comprehensive perspective on our patients. After exploring the extent and effect of trauma in an individual’s life, we are able to design a treatment program that enables our patients to maximize their healing experience with us. This personalized therapy program addresses the physical, psychological and behavioral needs of each of our patients.

Addressing Each Patient's Individual Needs

Patients come to us in various stages of dependency, and we work hard to treat them in accordance with our expert addiction care specialists’ recommendations. Medical history, family background, behavioral patterns, and scope of substance abuse are just some of the criteria we use to effectively administer individual rehab treatment.

The Personal Dynamic of Individualized Rehab Treatment

This particular form of therapy also includes in-depth psychological therapy, and allows the patient to explore the roots of their problems. Individualized rehab treatment will incorporate analysis of patient history and personality profile to give the patient a clearer picture of how they fell into addiction. It also enables patients to become more effective communicators and strengthen their romantic, familial and social relationships.